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Searching manufacturer for clothes (jacket)

Hello all!

My boss has a new idea for making a special jacket. A part of the raw material is coming from Europe. At the moment we are searching for a manufacturer in Asia for example. Of course in a kind of way we want to manufacture it abroad, because making it here in Europe is quite expensive.
But we see it also as a chance to give people a job. It is very important for us to find a company that has humane working conditions... I know for example there exists some little groups like in Vietnam, where disabled people are making souvenirs in good quality for enough money and under better conditions. We don´t want to go to such big fabrics, like the big clothes manufacturer.
The people should be treated right and get enough money.

In the beginning we just can make a few items, to see how it is accepted. And then we can look further...

Maybe someone of you has an idea or has contacts or even works with such a company.

I thank you a lot if you have an advice for me!

Best regards,

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