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Selling arts book Religions in the world

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Religioni nel mondo PRICE10.000 Euros contact me!!

The volume Le religioni nel mondo by His Eminence Cardinal Paul Poupard is is a limited edition. The first copy has been reserved for His Holiness Benedict XVI. The work, edited by Monsignor Pasquale Iacobone, provides an outline for reasoning on the very idea of sacred art, in a historical and geographic sense. A journey through the various reasonings of human religions, from the Great Mother to the major monotheistic religions, from Western to Oriental knowledge, a journey through the very idea of art and art history.

Structure of the work
- To the Reader, by Marilena Ferrari, Chairman of FMR;
- Introduction, by His Eminence Cardinal Paul Poupard, Chairman Emeritus of the Pontifical Council of Culture and Chairman Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue;
- Chapter One: Discovering Religions

- Chapter Two: The "homo religiosus"
- Chapter Three: Ancient Religions
- Chapter Four: Asian, African and Australian Religions
- Chapter Five: The Posterity of Abraham
- Conclusion - Salvation of Man and the Coming of Religion
- Religions and the Arts: Notes to the images, by Flaminio Gualdoni

Rome, 29th January Protected content of Le religioni nel mondo (Religions in the World) by Cardinal Paul Poupard highlighting how all civilisations have developed their own religiosity and how all civilisations have expressed their religiosity through works of art. Aside from the author, Cardinal Jean-Louis Touran (President of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious dialogue), Monsignor Gianfranco Ravasi (President of the Pontifical Council for Culture ), Marilena Ferrari (C.E.O. of FMR) Monsignor Pasquale Iacobone (editor of the volume) and Flaminio Gualdoni (Scientific director of FMR) participated in the presentation of the volume Le religioni del mondo.
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Title: Religions in the World
Tables: The second cover of the book is embellished with a copy of the triptych search for truth. Studies 1, 2, 3 master's Ugo Riva, original work in mixed media litoserigrafica of matter, composed of three sheets of metal alloy, size 26x35 cm each, with an ancient wine press made a star of late nineteenth-century art at the Printing Santa Chiara Marcello Tiboni in Urbino, in limited edition. The work search for truth. Studies 1, 2, 3 is numbered and signed by the author and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and provenance. On the front cover of the book is to put a copy of the work of Ugo Riva Search for Truth, an original work in bronze bas-relief fine, size 24x35 cm, made from cast to the ground by inserting a coin in cast glass Murano, finished and coated by hand at the foundry of Joseph Bailey in Farbel Erbusco, limited edition

Author: Edited by Monsignor Pasquale Iacobone
Artist: Ugo Riva
Issue: The work is finished to print in one edition under the direction of Marilena Ferrari sumptibus FMR publisher on the day of St. Teresa of Avila AD Protected content
Format: Volume religions in the world has Protected content and, in closed form, size cm 32,5 x45x10, is numbered and signed by the artist and from the publisher at the imprint descriptive and is contained in an elegant box built on a Plexiglas exclusive design
Hardcover: sewing, binding and cover natural Veau Aniline dyed leather to the barrel in red, with five ribs and inscriptions in white gold on the back, were made with manual process in the form of a triptych at The Art of Bookbinding Book by Bruno Superti in Todi
Iconography: The edition is accompanied by a drawing of the master Ugo Riva, nell'antiporta place of the volume, and color images out of one hundred fifty-three text compiled by photolithography Modesto Rigoldi and printed in Milan in Milan at the printing house of Jacopo Steffenini son Giampaolo, glossy matte Protected content , produced by Cartiere del Garda Riva del Garda
Imprint: The volume of World Religions in S. Em Cardinal Paul Poupard was carried out in a special edition limited edition

Printer: Printing of the text, with characters and italic Bodoni rounds into the bodies 21, 17 and 10 was performed in Milan at the printing house of Jacopo Steffenini, son of Giampaolo, on paper veiled in pure cotton, Protected content , which was created specially for this edition is enriched by the watermark with the logo of the collection "Ars Sacra", manufactured by hand to form round on a frame with a special proprietary formula in Cartiere Magnani of Pescia

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