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selling trading company in shanghai

Selling trading Company with German origin, headquartered in Hong Kong with a main and fully licensed subsidiary in Shanghai, China. Since its foundation 8 years ago, the company has firmly built up a strong sourcing and manufacturing base and risen to be one of the leading equipment and service providers for the steel industry and other heavy industries around the world. The products are widely used in the metallurgy, mining, steel, chemical, port, energy and other industries and include:
-Equipment and Machinery for Metallurgy industries such as Converters, Ladles, Slag pots, Rail based intra-plant logistics,…
-Customized Equipment: Boilers, Pressure vessels,…
-Spare parts: Wheel sets, Rolls, Pinion gears, Spindles, Bearings,…
-Cranes for Steel mills and Shipyards
-Construction materials
-Mechanical equipment, wholesale of metal products, commission agency, import and export, and provide related support services

The business scope, which is approved by Chinese authorities, can be extended or modified to suit your business needs including extension for manufacturing.

The key advantage is that you take over an operational Trading operation, which takes years to establish. By acquiring the existing structure you can immediately start your import and export activity in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The status of a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise) you can also issues invoices in China. Please request further information. Interesting price

Last Name: Mbengue
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Address: Shanghai

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