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Service Abroad

Elsewhere in this forum I said I had a dream... I believe that everybody should be an expat - at least temporary.

My dream is to replace military service with at least one compulsory year travelling/living/working abroad for all high school graduates and/or after completing apprenticeships. The world would be a better place if everyone had wider horizons and more understanding of one another.

And we're already heading into the right direction:

"Austrian Service Abroad" is a non-profit initiative, founded in Protected content Andreas Maislinger. The organisation provides positions for an alternative Austrian national service all over the world. The regular nine month alternative national service (Zivildienst) is substituted by a 12-month service at one of its partner organisations abroad. There are great variations in the requirements. Austrian Service Abroad is an institution which provides young male Austrians with an alternative to the compulsory military service.

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What initiatives are there (if any) in your country?


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