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"shooting unarmed man" fallacy modern perception


"shooting unarmed man" fallacy of modern perception!

Very true article, with powerful info!

For those experienced in martial arts, we know much high level training have been given along last 72 years to un-responsible people, people not comited to care for life. Now every one in the street could know a martial arts killing technique.

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Which are your thoughts about ?

As a peace activist i myself support martial arts training if dedicated to the practice of self responsibility and life care, but myself have been facing attacks of trained individuals that behaved unresponsibly, under drugs for example, or people that emotionally lostted control out of ignorance, conditioning or jelousy.

What would you do if you walk the streets and meet an unknown individual that behave violently ? beside applying your best trained Non Violent Practices... there is a chance 50% to 50% that the one that attacks you is an idiot and lack of fighting and killing capacity, or that can kill you with one hit. (or worst, kill you without intent)

Unless you are capable to recognize that ability in seconds you are exposed to luck.

I would say, you better become a martial arts expert, as soon as you can, unless your fear will drive you try to get a weapon.

Some months ago a boy traveler told me about dangerous situations he experienced on the road, and his intention to buy a gun or a knive. I told him to better learn how to use them unless would like to be killed by another one that knows how to handle edge-risk. His intent could be perceived as high-level threat, while this boy intention "would like to give a warning"only. This boy he would never know how the other side would perceive the weapon on his hands, even it might be a knive or any type of weapon. My intent with this message was to make him feel the extreme possible situation, of brining his life into more danger. While actually i suggested him to do not get any weapon at all, but change travel destinations, schedules and reduce risk.

There is nothing you can do, from both sides, any little extra input, a movement, a sight, a hidden hand, a weapon, a knive, or a stone, or a stick, could be perceived as highly dangerous; there for trigger a massive/deadly attack back or against.

As i said, i we wish to bring peace to our world, we better learn a peaceful art, which is martial arts, and from a good teacher that brings you its correct use as well as discipline and life care values.

A person with military training probably would feel more save by using weapons. But it is again a matter of perspective. From my point of view that would bring a high level danger, if wishing to solve problems with them. While unless you are an expert on martial arts and bulletproof you will not prefer to face bullets with martial arts alone.

I would said, it is a matter of discipline, luck, perception, awareness, choices.

You can choose to live in issolation, or to go every friday party to that corner downtown, or to do what ever... if you are not aware, and do not know what you are doing, you could bring yourself into trouble. It has nothing to do with living abroad traveling or staying at home town. Just few moments with lack of attention, even at home could create a deadly accident. The same as hiking or playing sports, walking on the street or driving a car.

But in the field unavoidable battle, only your perception will make a difference between being killed or becoming a killer, with or without any reason; or becoming a peace maker and making of the event and your oponent an instrument for peace, and a peace for friend.

Mostly people behaves unresponsible, and in confussion when enter in violence. How to bring clarity back to their situation without risking your life and theirs ?

Grateful for your comments.

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