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Should parents ban children from drinking?

I remember from 6 years old, my parents at meal gave a drop of wine……no sweet wine, and not mixed with water. They said, I could prepare my taste to good wines when older. Also when was 15 or 16 years old went with my parents to have a small beer. I remember too, that when I went to the UK or the US, on holiday, even with the presence of my parents in the restaurants, could not drink a glass of wine, as I still not had 21 years. And I knew that the college students illegally brought beer in the College and regularly got drunk……!!! I have a very good relationship with alcohol, and this thanks how my parents educated me to go along with alcohol, not banning it. Yes got drunk a few times, and as I remember them very well, learned were my limits are. Not that this will prevent another time to get drunk, but the probability that it will happen is low.

What is the situation in your country? Would this advice help address binge-drinking and health problems? If so, what do you think of this advice?

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