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Should we Listen to Terrorists?


It occurs to me that the media are always very quiet about what motivated the terrorist. I can imagine two extreme arguments for and against this policy:

Extreme Position For:
These people should not be able to force us to hear their voice by committing atrocities.
We should not give them a platform to speak because they are extremists.
These people have legitimate ways to spread their message without terror.
If they get their message out this way, more people will be encouraged to commit such acts.
I don't want to hear the opinions of extremists because they don't reflect the majority of people (e.g. not mainstream Muslim views).
We don't want these people to think they succeeded in getting attention for their cause.
And so on...

Extreme Position Against:
If we don't understand the motivations for these attacks then how can we prevent them?
If these people had felt like people were listening to them then perhaps they wouldn't have thought it was necessary to become terrorists.
Might these people have some legitimate concerns, even if they use disgusting measures to promote them?
These people are fellow citizens so why do they think that this is the only way to get attention for their cause?
Why do these people feel so alienated in their own countries?
People are not going to become terrorists just because they hear the deranged opinion of a terrorist.
If something upsets our fellow citizens so much that they are prepare to do this then might they have a point?
You fight these opinions by engaging with them and proving them wrong, not by suppressing them.
The media should not filter the news from the population in this way, even if they think it is for the right reasons.
Just calling these people evil monsters who enjoy killing is not dealing with the root causes.
And so on...

Personally, I lean more towards the for argument but I wondered what other people thought.

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