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single mother professional in Oman - policies and

A job offer (I cared for a lot) in Oman has been withdrawn as on seeing I was separated, actually a single mother, they said they would have found huge difficulties in sponsoring my child resident visa.

For what I understand, in Oman a woman professional cannot extend to her husband her benefits (the discussion came out about the yearly flight back home for spouse and family), and a mother cannot extend them to her child (only the husband can do so, to wife and children).
So it seems for resident visa.

At the moment, I'm suggesting I come as a single professional, leaving my child in Italy with my parents/his father, as I easily could. I am waiting for their response.

I am curious if anyone knows anything about this policies, any experiences you have/have heard of, and possible ways around?

I feel the HR dept is a bit disturbed by the uncommon family situation to handle, possibly by my request to extend my family travel benefits to have my child's father come visit (maybe also just hiring a woman professional was an advanced move for them, used probably to mostly male expats).

What do you think? What would you suggest? I do want that job! I do want to come to Oman!


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