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Small cultural survey

Good day to you!
Now I'm writing a diploma paper about stereotypes of Americans about Russian culture.
I would be overhappy if you spend some 5 minutes to answer a few simple questions:
Name several typical features of a Russian person / of the Russian culture
Name several typical features of a American person / of the American culture
"Русские всегда/Russians always..."
"Русские никогда/Russians never..."
"Американцы всегда/Americans always..."
"Американцы никогда/Americans never..."
Name 10 random associations with Russia (first things which come to your mind):

Please, mark it separately if you are an American expat in Russia - tell what has changed in your stereotyping when you came in Russia.
Thank you!

PS None offense meant - stereotypes are one of the basic notions of crosscultural communcations, and I need some statistics

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