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Smart way to book hotels in Malaysia

As a expat, we probably would like to expose and visit other states as well instead of Capital City- Kuala Lumpur only.

I would like the share the smart and best way to save your accommodation cost while backpackers or traveling around in Malaysia.

Just few days ago, my friend recommended me to download a hotel app call “OYO Rooms”. After, i googled it. So it was a building Asia largest network branding hotel ( not like Airbnb & Agoda etc) they have their own hotels with standardising amenities, predictable experience also affordable price!

So here the stories, i saw their promo code pages in Facebook. They shared their promo codes out and i downloaded the app and enter the referral code given and also discount code(20%) off. End up, I just need to pay RM 20 for a rooms with private bathroom and also WI-FI and air-cond in Bukit Bintang ?! How can it happen in KL! The capital of Malaysia…. After i checked their app, they also available across Malaysia. Now, i would like to spend my time travel around domestic which i have not been to much states in Malaysia.

check this out (I suppose just like UBER & GRAB before got fame in Msia, they keep promote their code in fb pages. Of course now both of them stop posting the code ) grab the code before they stop posting HAHA

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