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So What Tips The Western Powers to Intervene ?


While there are times where I'd say western countries should mind their own business and let internal politics, sectarian issues and civil war be an internal issue , there are also times when humanity is at stake somebody must stand up to help the victims.

My question is what makes a western power go and intervene in to "help & liberate" (what ever that means) ? what are the intentions ?

There is war, political unrest, human right violation happening and happened in many countries but only few get the western power's (namely USA, EU ) help.
for example...
1. Srilanka - Had a longtime problem and many many thousands were killed by the Srilankan army - what happened then ?

2. Why not go liberate in China or attack N Korea where human rights have been violated in a chronic fashion ?

3. How come US had such a tight relationship with Pervez Musharaf (Pakisthan) if they are against dictatorship and for democracy ?

I am just curious , based on what do they pick and choose ?

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