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So You Are a World Traveler....Me Too

I travel the world extensively for Protected content with no end in sight, touched 6 continents, 50 countries and lodged in hundreds if not thousands of hotels, flats and the great outdoors from the Royal Suite to a shady tree. Typically, my sojourns are Protected content in length at a whack with more than a few Protected content per so I strive to pack for the self-sufficient, spontaneous, change-direction-with-the-wind under any conditions, long haul.

Here is my Top 10 MUST HAVE (over and above standard happy crappy) Travel Items list in no particular order.

1) Medical kit: Various sized bandages, antiseptic spray/cream, cold pack, aspirin/ibuprofin, antibotics, antacid, water purifier tablets, sunburn gel, petroleum jelly, q-tips, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol (or mini 80 proof booze bottles, if you like), child size blunt end scissors, tweezers, cuticle scissors, 1.5-2 inch bladed stainless steel foldable knife, 24" soft nylon rope (tourniquet and other general uses), pure cotton baby diapers (best cleaning/absorbing cloth ever made), stainless steel field mirror (Google it), mini lighter

2) Soft 2 ply toilet paper/paper towels (minimum 2 rolls on the TP!)

3) Soft cotton full size bath towel(s)

4) Poncho/STURDY medium sized umbrella (okay, that is two items I count as one)

5) Foldable opera binoculars

6) BIG bottle of SPF Protected content (water resistant) sunscreen (Nickel's worth of free advice: ALWAYS put on more sunsreen than you think you need EVERYWHERE even under your clothes every Protected content when outside EVEN on cloudy days. Apply sunscreen using "polka dot" method. "Dot" your magnificent bod so you look like you got white measles and rub in. Double up on your forehead, nose, cheeks, ears, back of neck, knees and top of feet.)

7) Waterproof/resistant foldable gym bag

8) 3.99 inch or slightly less serrated edge foldable knife (legal in MOST countries)

9) Combination wine bottle/soda bottle opener

10) Last but certainly not least: Evacuation insurance.

Stay frosty observing First Rule of Self-Defense: Never put yourself in a position where you have to defend yourself, pay it forward each New Day and do all you do with excellence!

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