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Social Securtiy - Non immigrant Visa L1B/L2 - Help

Dear Friends,

I got the opportunity to work in the US for a 3 years mission. I have an L1B Visa (Knowledge Workers). My wife has an L2 Visa (Spouse Visa).

My compagny dealt with the US immigration services and took care of the complete petition. This petition includes the forms : I-797B, Protected content , G28 and I129L
Then we went through thestandard procedure at the US embassy in France to get ourVisa.

We are now in the US. We went this morningat the social security administration where we wanted to apply for a social security number.
They told us that we can not apply yet because we don't have an Alien Registration number.

According to them this number can be found on the work autorization card or on the form I-94 which we don't have.

Did that happen to one of you guys? How did you solve that problem? Are we supposed to get that number via the petition?

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