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society...and the night errants.

You go to an event. You get there look for a spot in a corner and a drink until you get warm enogh and get ready to meet and say " hi" to new people around you.
Your outfit? ... you got out from work and got directly to the place so no time for sensual necklines . Nothing special really.
All of the sudden , a man from the other corner nodds and smiles at you, you smile back at him ..and he croses up to the spot next to you and aconversation starts , nothing special either. where from, job, places visited,l anguages learnt.
Twenty minutes after that he tells you to go ( together) to your place to listen to music. The woman skirted around and invented a pretext " its late im tired" , "that question didnt feel good" _she thinks.
Five minutes later he confesses his real and obvious intentions with a second question " would you go to your own place with a man the same night you meet him?" ..
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When did relationships or even sex came to be an errant? Where the practise of the flirting stuff got to be an so old fashion tha nobody uses anymore? When and where did the chemistry test stay?... in the third forgotten place?....

Nothing to say after the awkard silence which remained between the two and one hour after arriving at the meeting , she takes her purse and leaves the event, after all there is always an old intriguing and interesting chapter of " C S I " in cable.

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