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solo women travelers going to Bali

Hi, I am planning to travel to Bali in October to unwind. I love traveling on my own but was wondering how safe it would be. I have been living and working abroad with various international organizations and traveled by myself extensively in Europe,Singapore and US mainly. I would like to travel to Ubud in the hills or Java. Currently I am taking time off to write my new book and working as an artist so am interested in Balinese art/culture textiles etc. Though I would not be going to clubbing but how safe would it be hanging out at the hotel bar for a drink after a swim. Planning to stay at a beach resort for a few days to soak in some local culture. Any suggestions from women who have already been to Bali or are planning to go there this October please feel free to write to me. Any experiences you have had stories are welcome. Thanks!

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