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Solutions to our Challenges,Please.....


There are so many things the matter with our world. Since Gandhi was here , the world has gotten better. or worse. depending on the angle. Although , it is understood that these are the most peaceful times in many centuries.
I think the one thing that a person needs to have , in order not to commit terrible blunders , is self discipline. The human mind thinks it is so smart. But because , usually it is just a cesspit, people end up being utterly impulsive and uncaring towards each other. Which means that the other thing we need is love.To be loving. i made a list of all the challenges facing us and i applied the concept of love to each item , as a possible solution. and it really made sense. every single problem can be resolved by self discipline and love. even the natural disasters to some extent would abate, i daresay.
since we cannot totally rely on our mind, a greater force for good is our spirituality. there are so many false prophets and cults. And for the most part, God seems to be keeping a low profile. although this is not necessarily true. something like milk flowing from Idols seems to capture the imagination of the masses. as though only such 'miracles' prove the existence of God. I can see God almost everywhere. not actually see Him but sense His presence. Cos this is such a gorgeous world. then i am stumped to see pics of people in such desperate states of destitution. i am stumped. Gandhi believed in self help. We humans , we rush around to all sorts of consultants, gurus, motivational experts, spiritual masters. trying to find something that can get us going for a consistent period of time ie for all our lives. but we flounder again and again. simply because we haven't polished up our core selves. our foundation of our self is weak. how to make gains? but we must help ourselves. self polishing by having introspection . all of us have to clean up our act. and the desperate and destitute poor things of our world? maybe they commit blunders overly. although the greed of a few becomes the suffering of many . what do you think?.

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