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Spiegel says: 'America Must Learn from Germany'

(I am a blogger at the Daily Kos. Here's an excerpt from one of my recent articles entitled: "The German mainstream magazine Spiegel says:'America Must Learn from Germany Before It Is Too Late')

TIME Magazine - "How Germany Became the China of Europe"

Spiegel Quote:'America Must Learn from Germany -- Before It Is Too Late'

Written by an American MBA, expat who resides in Germany.

Spiegel US newsweekly Time writes that the wide range of German economic and social reforms have been "farsighted" and that German firms, together with those reforms, have forged "the most competitive industrial sector of any advanced economy." The New York Times, meanwhile, says that: "The German economy has been one of the wonders of the world over the last couple of years."

As an American expat living in the European Union the fact that all workers throughout the EU are medically insured as are their families from cradle to grave as a human right and they enjoy benefits such as a child maintenance allowance, paid sick leave, paid maternity leave and paid annual leave by right of law is something that most American workers are blissfully kept ignorant of by the American owned plutocrat media, even in an election year. Because America's top 1% wealth holders and their surrogates are getting disgustingly richer, and as such they have no desire to learn from the economic success of the European Union, and most saliently the success of the top economies in Europe of Britain, France and Germany. As such the German mainstream magazine Der Spiegel wrote a blistering article, which excoriates America's ruling elites unwillingness to acknowledge and learn from the recent German economic miracle, where in Germany has risen to the third largest exporting nation in the world, which instead of having a trade deficit as is the case in America, they have a trade surplus, wherein they grow manufacturing jobs. As such as a business librarian, this diary provides a review of the aforementioned Spiegel article.

(Please note, I am a blogger at the Daily Kos. To read this full article for free of charge, please click on the link below. Thank you for your interest.)

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