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Staying in a peacefully world

How many people believe that a world could be changed in a blank of eye where anyone could walk outside with a neck-less gold without being afraid being attacked, where a person could go to hospital and instead of being asked insurance or cash what so ever get treated in a way like the Doctor would treat his own child.

where everyone would have access to water and food, house and electricity. Basic thing become free. a world with millionaire in earning but in billionaire in spending for benefit of other.

Where there would be no homeless people. a country send it's air force to another country not to destroy it but to help them...

when a human being will have value thn animal. when millions will not be spend to manufacture weapons rather to build a better world..making health and education free.

when everyone you me him we them will stop pointing finger to other but everyone start feeling that i am responsible for the change. i am the change and take a step ..and dont just take step bcoz news paper , tv channels are there.

Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on. so increase self-esteem

Happy new year

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