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I used to have accounts with thousands of photos of my and family friends mails of over the past 20 years..I need to your help to find out why I lost all my virtual data in all of the sources. -disappeared from the history blocked;not responding responding to my emails,I have an regular thief who has emptied my pictures from my personal mail.Even though I regularly has changed my password.

facebook- has closed the access to the photo archive ;none of my albums are reachable..and despise my personal requests for an archieve of my pictures,I could not got any respons.

None of these institutions are reachable..including police.
And I can not afford any lawyers

I need those photographs more than anything ,
they are my all connection to my self;
Since I 've lost my memory,
after the shock I was going through

I need to understand why it is happening to me,and what actually has happened.

What should I do ?

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