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Edward Snowden is a very brave and special man to stand up to the lies, rhetoric and spin of the Obama, Cameron and Hollande government, who in contrast shout democracy and respect for our lives, but in actual fact play a very different game in secret, in a big brother Protected content in power that totally sucks....

Of course the United States of America would like to grab Snowden and imprison any person who steps out of line, including you and I - is this fantasy I wonder or a fragment of yours and mine and our imagination?

In the light of the social assasination of Julian Assange in the so-called rape in Sweden, one of the most free apparent economies and Private Manning a guy who ripped open the traitors within the USA who are trying to hang him in some federal prison for life, in a this muddle of spin.

Israel rest assured are no better imprisoning Prisoner X in a windowless cell, and what pray is your government doing in all this brainwashing?

Should society just live and obey and go to work and earn, without questioning where the public purse is being spent on this grand surveillance?

How many more Snowdens are there out there, who will follow in the steps of freethinkers that step out of the bubble and reveal what google, apple and yahoo are doing without you really knowing!

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