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Suffering - the Naked Truth


So many are in pain, in mental anguish due to suffering, whether it is from an event, like the Holocaust for example, a negative life experience like the recent abuse in the Roman Catholic church, or in pain from an illness.

I have changed the topic of this thread from the sins of the catholic church to a more broader angle, to become more inclusive and more interesting for you to comment on.......


I met the man in sheltered accommodation last year, he was in a terrible state, the years had caught up with him.

I listened to his story (this is true) - taken from his mother at the age of 6, and put into the Brothers of Jesus School, where the Catholic Priests abused him - beat him every night and played God knows what heinous crimes on him up to the age of 13, when he was chosen to work on a farm - they never paid him - just used him as forced labor, up to the age of 15 when he was placed in another farm where the owner treated him like a son, and for the first time in his life he was happy for Protected content .

Then he was placed in a ship to England and arrived in Glasgow, and saw a priest, who said he could go to the workhouse, because he had no money or food for him.

He survived in laboring jobs, and eventually earned enough money to go back to Ireland, where he located his sister - but she did not want to know him.

All his life he felt bitter, unloved, and deserted until he wound up dependent to an extent on others.

No penitence - just suffering.

Why do people suffer? What is suffering?

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