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Summer location required

I live on my own land, in Spain, on the Costa Blanca coast, near to the coast and mountains, in my caravan and motor home. I have all facilities, water, solar electric, mobile Internet, generator for powered stuff such as tools. I have landscaped my land and installed metal fence and gates round my living area. There is a small casita (very small building) for storage, and there is an asphalt lane right to my land. The nearest town is 3 and half miles away where there are supermarkets, shops, and various services. I speak a little Spanish not very well but enough to get by Alicante is the nearest Airport, also in the Costa Blanca. The sun shines very often and it rarely rains except in the winter that is not much rain at all compared to the UK for instance.

It is ideal in the autumn, winter and spring but it gets far too hot in the summer. It is unbearably hot during June July and August. This is when I need to go to a cooler place to live.

Caretaking a property with maybe a little work such as odd jobs, maintenance, gardening etc is a possible alternative. Spain on the northern coast or another country should be OK, but outside Spain preferably an area where english is spoken, at least in the nearest towns.

This year I went to the Czech Republic on a working holiday. I liked Tisnov and the outskirts of Brno near the reservoir, but I had virtually just over 1/2 an hour during just a 7-week stay for the opportunity to look for a property for next year!

It does not have to be the Czech Republic and I am open to suggestions so long as it is not a hot country or too cold such as snow or rain. UK is excluded in my search. As it is far too hot in the summer in Spain where I have my own home then it would be dishonest of me to suggest a swap, as it would be too hot during the period concerned.

I would be interested in a small plot of to put motor home or caravan to use 3 months of the year in the summer.

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