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Luminosity of vermillion overwhelms the horizon
like a ball of fire radiating the edge of the sky
Eyes peer upon a dome beyond comparison;
sheer illumination glowing amber by and by

It’s the ebbing of a glorious day
baked by luminance and vehement heat
By a celestial ball of fire at play
that no man could extinguish nor beat

It’s the autumn of the day, time subdued;
a reclining moment of mesmeric intensity
So appealing, our appreciation wholly glued
such augmentation of vividness in authenticity

It’s all reminiscent of an artist emulating
colours incomparable and inimitable
That no pigment in existence is so stimulating;
it’s Providence stroking that’s incontestable

This is virtuosity at its zenith and patina
that’s beyond magic and enchantment
Mysteriously earthly yet a heavenly domina;
alluringly calming yet an amazing entrapment

Melancholic for some and adulation for others
bewilderment for one yet marvellous for some
The ebb of day is where our wonderment gathers
night soon comes; the day’s essence’s wholesome

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