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New York City may be known for its fantastic gastronomical offerings, but the Big Apple’s restaurant scene is about to get even tastier. With an MBA from Columbia and a passion for excellent food, Peruvian native Edgar Perez plans to introduce New Yorkers to the delicious flavors of modern Peruvian fare.

Truly diverse in its culinary heritage, Peruvian cuisine blends hundreds of years of Incan, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese influences into every succulent dish. Boasting a fusion of global flavors with the freshest ingredients, Peruvian cooking is currently emerging as the next great world cuisine.

New Yorkers are increasingly demanding high-quality, unique dining experiences and Edgar’s innovative restaurant concept will meet that demand in two ways. First, he will open an upscale authentic Peruvian bistro—the only one of its kind—in downtown Manhattan. Second, he plans on expanding a successful Long Island-based Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken restaurant, to eight locations throughout New York City.

But before you can enjoy the savory aroma of a Peruvian rotisserie chicken or satisfy your palate with the complexity of Peruvian ceviche, Edgar needs to raise $5 million in 30 days to kick-start this culinary venture, join us here so you can get his daily updates:

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