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Survey on exapts families with special needs child

In the course of an interdisciplinary research project on the experiences of expatriate families, we intend to interview expatriates who relocated with children with special needs.

We are thus actively searching for study participants (i.e. expatriates and/or expatriate partners who relocated with special needs children) who would be kindly willing to answer a few questions about their experiences in this relocation.

Should you be interested in participating in our study, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would highly appreciate your valuable contribution in making this study feasible. We guarantee the protection of your anonymity. In case of questions or for any further information, please contact us.

We are looking forward to your participation!

Best regards,

Melina Huter (Department of Special Education, University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
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Dr. Xavier Salamin (Researcher and specialist in international mobility)
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