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Suspended on Google+


The power of Google beggars belief, coupled with their wealth.

Slowly we are being taken over by the internet, and corporations like Google want to control what we read, and Chrome wants to control more, to the point that Google will be launching a bank next year.

Just where is this all going? Certainly they want to control our pocket, and dictate how we should use our money, but is it healthy?

The manipulation of power, makes Google Corporation as something of an ogre, especially when it's effect on you, can spell out problems for your business, identity and much more.

Today I was suspended and my account is being reviewed. Some mindless bureaucrat has decided that I am dangerous? A despot or something more.

The only way to get to the heart of the organisation is to complain, to fight, and to publicize what is wrong.

Somehow though I think they don't care, and this mindless hypocrisy has to stop now.

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