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Tech Business Venture in India??

Hello to all,

I figured this would be a good venue to make this proposal since everyone has somewhat a international mindset and in many cases business experience overseas.

I am president of the US based technology company and a director of one based in India. We have an exclusive distribution agreement for a highly sought after technology in virtualization and are looking for a partner interested in partnering in equity to help promote the product in India and gain a foothold on a technology within the Indian and South East Asia region.

For purposes of privacy and legality I cannot mention the product in the forum though I can state it is a technology utilized by every industry segment from manufacturing, education, healthcare, logistics, military and government. Customers include NSA, US Navy, UPS, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cleveland Clinic, Aerobus, SanDisk, Vanderbilt and many many more large corporations as well as small medium businesses.

If you are familiar with vmware or the field of virtualization, servers and technology, you will understand this opportunity once presented.

If you are interested please send me a message on this site to discuss.

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