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Now that you have successfully moved abroad, do you find yourself struggling with any of these?
Losing that sense of belonging? ~ Culture shock and lack of confidence? ~ Loneliness and/or homesickness? ~Feeling down at times, wondering if it was the right choice?

You can make a positive transition wherever life takes you.

Our Expat Happy Hour is a place to let your hair down, connect with others with similar experiences, and find information and support to make your transiton a fulfilling one.

No need to navigate unfamiliar streets-just dial into our 5 week teleseminar strictly for expats/repats who want more joy and success in their work & lives abroad. Our well-based positive psych tips, exercises and warm support will help you live your expat dream!

If you were living your best life abroad, what would you be doing right now?

Imagine being able to access your hidden inner strengths to truly flourish. What would you do if you had all the confidence you need? If you had more resilience to meet the challenges? More social ties? More success, balance and joy? Let two experienced coaches, both graduates of Martin Seligman's Authentic Happiness Coaching Program, show you how to leverage the best of the new Positive Psychology for your optimal expat experience!

WHAT: 5 week teleseminar with the best of positive psychology for a flourishing expat life.

WHO: Expats/Repats only. Limited enrollment for deeper connections!

WHEN: One hour sessions begin Monday, April 6 at 3pm est.

HOW: Simply dial into our conference line and enjoy an hour of inspiring information and warm support to transform your expat experience!

HOW MUCH: $99 special for series of 5 sessions.

EARLY BIRD BONUS: Register by March 23 to receive FREE hour of one-on-one coaching!

FREE Q & A Session, Monday March 30 at 3pm est.


Oshikan Sjodin-Bunse, HPP
USA / Germany
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Dr. Gayle Scroggs, ACC CMC
USA / Argentina
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