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Ten things you will LOVE about the Philippines

Most seasoned travellers have a favorite holiday destination that they like going back to every now and then. There’s just that something in that particular place that sets it apart from any other location on earth.

Whether you’ve been on holiday to the Philippines a couple of times already or you’re just checking it out for a possible vacation, then you know that this country is a treasure trove of amazing sights, enduring hospitality and friendly smiles.

The country’s colourful history and unique geography have made it a veritable melting pot of cultures, ideas and beliefs.

There’s something for everyone in the Philippines. If you’re not yet sure if you should book a flight now, perhaps these things can help you make up your mind:

1. The Climate:
For people who are sick of cold, dull weather in their home countries, the Philippines is a tropical paradise with its sunny skies and warm winds.

If you want to get the most out of your summer, try visiting the country from end of February to early June.

2. The Food:
Filipinos love to eat and it shows in the variety of dishes, delicacies and treats they serve at every mealtime. The street food culture is also very strong, so you can always find something to fill your empty stomach.

3. Filipino Food Protected content you gotta love 'em

4. The Transportation:
There are lots of different public transport vehicles you can try on your visit to the Philippines, including the tricycle, the jeepney, the pedicab and the habal-habal. The fares are relatively cheap as well, so your pocket money can go a long, long way.

5. The People:
Friendly, warm, hospitable, kind and approachable are just some of the words that are used to describe Filipinos. They are a very fun-loving people who are quick to share jokes and laughter with anyone, even a complete stranger.

6. The Bargains:
Possibly the only place where you can find fixed prices for anything are the shopping malls. Everywhere else you buy, you can try to haggle with the vendor for a more affordable price—within limits, of course.

7. The Churches:
As the only Catholic country in Asia and a former Spanish colony, the Philippines boasts of beautiful old churches tucked away all over the country.

Some have been rebuilt a number of times due to natural damage or to war, but they have undoubtedly retained their splendour and sense of history.

8. The Beaches:
No tropical country is worth the name if it doesn’t have dazzling beaches, and the Philippines is definitely one of the world’s most amazing seascapes. From Palawan to Surigao, you can find a beach that will suit your tastes and budget.

Puerto Galera



9. The Language:
The Filipino language is both easy to learn and lovely to hear. It has a smattering of Indian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and English words, a true testament to the country’s rich history and culture. Apart from the national language, there are more than Protected content spoken in different parts of the country.

10. The Festivals:
A Philippine fiesta brings together the community in a communal act of thanksgiving or request for various things—a good harvest, fertility, rain. Almost every city in the country celebrates a festival that brings everyone together in shared joy and gratitude.


Pahiyas Festival

And Finally…..

The Videokes:
Singing is one of the most common pastimes of Filipinos. You can hear videokes going on at full blast during family gatherings, drinking sprees and other social occasions. Always good for a fun filled night.

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