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Test an online tool for management/self-management


Can self-awareness and self-consciousness save the world´s future?

I feel positive that yes, it can!

Self-awareness will support self responsibility, self-care, self-love and resilience: then global sustainable development and collaboration will be possible

I collection of presentations and videos for free self-learning online are now available in a wonderful new platform called bindrs. The SAP Tools (self awareness applied tools) are ideal for management and self management

It will be awesome you try them out and share how useful they are for your daily life and work.

you can find all videos and index of free content here.

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" Self-awareness and self-consciousness will change your perception of possible choices you have " ~ L. D. Maldonado Fonken

The 9 Elements & the heart tool (self awareness applied tool:SAP) solve through a very simple inclusive and integrative solution a very challenging field:

How to bring together perception, symbolic language, human factor, personal delvelopment, self-awareness, objective and subjective elements of a process any individual or community would like to lead.

It is an ideal solution for self-management,management, strategy design, sustainable development design, for private life as well as for project, business, city, state, community management. Also ideal for enhancing decision making,communication, collaboration. While its application will inmediatly empower self-awareness, self-consciousness, self-care, self-responsibility, individual and collective process awareness (incl. organization process awareness) and bring to the users an advanced intuition on sustainability issues, including how human factor and resilience are key for global sustainable development.

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