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Thailand best home-stay and retreats

Tad Placamp Healing Retreat is a natural resort in Maerim in the atmosphere surrounded by the mountain in Maerim stream where the soothing waterfall flows through the rock throughout the year. Having a complete ecological system with a various of trees and more than thousand years old tree found in the areas nearby.

“Tad” refers to the ground water flows through the rock all the time. “Placamp” refers to the fish named “Camp” is a freshwater fish that live in this waterfall. It’s similar carp. The body style is whitecolor and a light blue or golden orange striped depends on its old and growth. It currently very difficult to find but can be found in the clean water flows through the rock in this area only. It could not swim upstream to the top of this waterfall. It is a source word of “Tad Placamp” where we will conserve the “Tad” and “Placamp” to remain for the next generations to have a chance to see it forever.

For all who love to travel for nature conservation, culture, history, health, recreation and adventure, we are fully prepared and waiting for you to experience the vacation that cost thousands of actual experience amid nature. You will experience the local flavors food in the northern of Thailand and “Kantoke Dinner” (Northern Thai food). A special set up near the stream area in the night atmosphere with a torch light under the moonlight and starlight. Also, enjoy a show from different race of local people and folk music show called “Salor Sor Soueng” for enabling more impression that you can relate at Tad Placamp Healing Retreat . In addition, we also focused on community nearby Tad Placamp Healing Retreat with different race tribes such as Karen, Mhong, Moesur, Lua and Natives people who living together around this area for along time ago to get involve in organizing a resort accommodation to accommodate for the tourists who need to stay there to experience the local lifestyle closely. Tad Placamp Healing Retreat is away from Chiang Mai Airport about 50 kilometers.

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