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The Beauty of Kenya

Ladies and gentlemen;

There is nothing in the world comparable to Kenya. From the snow-capped Mount Kenya to the Mau escarpment, from Lake Ilposat to the ‘crying’ rocks of Kakamega, from the spectacular shores and beaches of Malindi to the warm Kenya climate, this country is richly endowed by nature. The unparalleled length of Tana, the vastness of the Great Rift Valley, the unequalled beauty of the wildlife at Tsavo and the captivating charm of Kenya’s coastlines are but a few of the descriptions of Kenya’s natural beauty. But the beauty does not end there!

Kenya’s gemstones, titanium and many other precious stones have decorated girls and boys in the country. The bounty of Kenya’s tea, the aroma of the coffee from our beautiful hills, the mouth-watering variety of horticulture from our lands and the Nile Perch from Lake Victoria are only a fraction of what Kenya offers the world. The beauty nonetheless, does not end there!

More than anything, however, the beauty of Kenya as you will realize is its people. Find a Kenyan today and you will realize what it entails to have focus and discipline in life, as well as having the tenacity to keep going no matter the adversity!

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