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Whatever your level; choosing to take private Online Spanish lessons is the best way to intensify your learning experience.

A private course offers more flexibility than the group courses as it is designed to adapt to your specific needs and allows you to develop your language skills at the right pace for you.

Our philosophy
We don't want to be another Spanish course, we want to have happy students!
Studying Spanish does not have to be boring or hard, so for us it is important to establish a friendly relationship and a special connection with each person who is learning Spanish, to know them and provide them with a comfortable environment for their way of being and learning. Supporting student motivation, whether it is because they want to learn for their trips, for business or for work, is our challenge and we will always be ready to feed their passion and have happy students.
We care about you, therefore, before preparing a plan for you, we do not only a language level test (if you have studied before) but a learning styles test. From the results, we place you at the correct level and we will approach the contents according to your learning style.
Happy students
We want to get to know you and work for you, not only from your learning style, but from the things that make you happy.
There is nothing more rewarding for us than to see the progress of a person, who not only learns Spanish, but is involved and passionate about Latino culture. Our students learn through a methodology that combines not only an advance in learning and correct grammar, but also a development of communication skills that are acquired by discovering cultural aspects of Latino life.
We are the only school where you choose, without realizing it, the way in which you enjoy learning best.

Online school
(There are many advantages and possibilities when studying Spanish online)
Contrary to what many people think, studies have shown that virtual classes help significantly to improve interaction for certain personalities. The most reticent students tend to comment and participate more in this medium than face-to-face.
Taking classes online is more comfortable, since working from your family environment makes it easier to concentrate. And best of all, you save time and money that you won't need to transport yourself.

Our teachers speak Spanish as their mother tongue and are highly trained:
We have qualified personnel in the field of languages ​​and with extensive experience in the pedagogical field. We have up to 10 years of experience in group and personalized classes for people of all ages and nationalities.
Not speaking English is not an impediment for the student who wants to learn Spanish, since we manage to fulfill our objective with professionalism.
If what you want is to deepen the interaction and the language, what better than to learn with native Colombian teachers, professionals in the field of teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Colombia is characterized by being one of the countries in the world that best speaks Spanish and best applies grammatical rules. Many visitors say that in the capital it is easier to understand, since people vocalize words better and pause to allow better understanding, clarity and security for their interlocutor. So, don't wait any longer to learn with the best teachers, see here the plans for you, from the comfort of your home Protected content

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