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The Bitter Truth About Kashmir

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Millenniums before Islam, Pakistan and People’s Republic of China came into being, the land of Kashmir was a centre of learning, knowledge and spiritual pursuit for followers of Vedic religion and its philosophical offshoots. However, post invasions by invaders from North West, destinies, demographics and descriptions changed.

Some of the initial invaders had to say, that if there was a heaven on earth, it was here, in Kashmir. Ironically, an entire mountain range came to be known after the genocide of the local population, which today is known as Hindukush, which means killer of Hindus.

From then onwards till the Protected content , 4 wars have been fought between 3 nuclear armed nations and there is more to it than meets the eye.

But why Jammu and Kashmir? Why has it been so vigorously sought after by a Communist Mega Power and an Islamic militaristic neo-theocratic state.

To begin with, the highest battle field of Siachen is very much here. For Pakistan, it is a source of freshwater, with its own resources diminishing rapidly with global warming. And fertile lands of the valley which produce crops like apples, apricots and saffron are the reason why the Pakistani propaganda war machinery has so keenly focused on it as a priority area, in a cover of a Muslim majority region.

Not only has the Pakistani lobbyists have detested Indian claims on global forums like Organisation of Islamic Countries, but has also roped in several organisations to amplify the magnitude of ‘human rights violations’ by Indian security agencies. Incidentally, there is very little that international media captures of gross human rights violations that have happened in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, which includes Gilgit and Baltistan. The Shia community has been ruthlessly targeted and locals have been displaced by Punjabis and Pashtuns in Muzaffarabad and Skardu. Serving and retired Pakistani army officers have become property owners after forceful acquisition of land and the dummy Prime Minister stands as a mere puppet of the Pakistani deep state. Long before the Chinese ‘investments’ in ‘growth and development’ of Pakistan and Kashmir occupied by it, militancy in Kashmir was mostly replenished by black-marketing remnants of US military equipment meant for Afghan-Soviet war and drug trade by Pak army backed and trained Taliban regime. Pakistan has controlled transfer of nuclear weapon technology to Iran and North Korea in the past, latter of which, has been facilitate by the Chinese administration. Incidentally, a new revelation came into light after Osama was neutralised in Abbottabad Cantonment, that there is a revenue stream for the Pakistan deep state that is fulfilled by harbouring wanted transnational terrorists, latest being Dawood Ibrahim and several of his associates.

This has not come without a major Chinese support to Pakistan. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of which China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a major building block, has passed through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir thus undermining India’s legitimate claim to it. China has slowly been clasping smaller and less developed nations into a debt trap in form of loans and eventually taking strategic land and sea assets as a collateral for non-payment of dues. This is a part of its larger strategic vision to militarily encircle India by a vision to create ‘String of Pearls’. China had fought a major war which it won in Protected content 2 major skirmishes at Nathu-la and Cho-la in Protected content left it badly bruised by India. There was a near repeat in Doklam near Bhutan but it was averted after the Chinese realization that Dragon fire may not work in this icy highland. China had laid claims to Arunachal as South Tibet and earlier on, Chinese had not only occupied Aksai Chin in Protected content were even gifted the Shaksgam valley by their Pakistani friends to ensure India’s total blockage of access to Central Asia, Iran and Afghanistan. Today Aksai Chin serves as the Chinese road to Xinjiang helping it suppress its Uighur minority and ensuring its grip on Tibet which was once an autonomous protectorate of Dogra empire. China not only exploits the resources on the Tibetan plateau but is also practicing ethnic cleansing by displacing the Tibetans by Han Chinese and ensuring a slow death to Tibetan way of life which has its only last hope in India. There have been attempts to block waters of Brahmaputra to India and there have been Chinese attempts to shield Pakistani terrorists operating in Kashmir in the past. China has constantly blocked India’s permanent membership to the United Nations Security Council and Nuclear Suppliers Group. China has been a habitual encroacher with territorial disputes with Japan, Vietnam and almost every second nation in the South China sea. China has been a noted technology thief and has stolen designs from US and Russia in making weaponry of which Pakistan is a major beneficiary of.

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