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The company provided accommodation... China


And this is what I got:

I arrived here after a long train journey one week ago. My situation is as follows:

1. The apartment is a taxi journey from the school, 15RMB each way. I have to go 11 times in 2 weeks, that's 22 times a month. The company provides 500RMB for this, but after a secondary calculation, that's not going to cover the cost.

2. The door handle is broken.

3. The apartment was extremely dirty when I arrived. I cleaned up the kitchen, bathroom, and one bedroom.

4. I found out, two days before they arrived, 2 other teachers were going to come and live here. We share a small bathroom and kitchen.

5. The wifi was broken when I first arrived. It took 2 days to fix.

6. The shower was broken when I arrived. It took one week to fix.

7. The tap has not yet been fixed.

8. There are holes in the walls and windows.

9. The balcony is almost too dirty to use. Water from the washing machine just spills out onto the balcony.

10. There are cockroaches everywhere. The longer I am here, the more I find. In fact, one crawled over my flatmate while she was sleeping last night.

11. We get free meals at the school, with a reimbursement according to local custom if we do not eat there. This has been refused politely, and we (myself and my flatmates) found out that the school is not open for consuming food during the holidays/days off.

We have filed a complaint with the company about this, saying we will leave if better conditions are not provided. There is no guarantee that the school will give us the required money for breaching the contract.

This is my first time abroad as an expat, so I wanted to throw it past you guys. Is this form of accommodation acceptable at all? What are your thoughts?

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