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The Cost of a Three-Day Hospital Stay in Thailand


Now out of the hospital, I think it would be good to go over what the costs were and how much I ended up paying.

The total cost of the original bill was to be 113,000 baht ($ Protected content . My insurance would pay the majority of the bill and I was to pay 14,890 baht or $490.

I discovered several errors and discrepancies from what I had been originally told by the hospital staff. The biggest mix-up was being charged for 2 nights in a standard room Protected content a night / Protected content and one night in ICU
Protected content a night not including food / all cover). If you do the math, it should have added up to 16,500 baht, of which 15,200 was covered. Instead, the ICU charges from two nights were added to my standard room charges and I was only covered for one night in the standard room by BUPA.

My standard room charges were 15,600 baht but I was only covered for Protected content . In the end, we worked it out, and I ended up paying about Protected content ($310). Not too bad, especially since I'm okay. While my insurance definitely helped, we could probably use the next higher plan. Anything truly major could still easily total $25,000 USD or much, much more.

I think our plan only covers about $20,000 per incident, so that's not much, even in Thailand. I should say that aside from the minor financial issue, the level of care was quite good. The doctors took their time with me, as did the nurses, and all in all, I was happy to receive good treatment and discharge with a relatively clean bill of health.

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