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The days of creation where 9


A hidden planet in our sun system, of an orbit of Protected content , 5 seasons each of 9 strongs (instead of weeks) it has no artificial moon, and the days of the strong are 9, and the number of minutes in one hour are 45 or 90, all depends?

Consider only for a moment that the original orbit of our planet earth was not where now is and that the moon did not exist before.
Consider only for a second that the moon hold the earth planet in its current orbit.

Is the purpose to reshape humanity with nano-AI-transhumanic technology and for that reason a des-synch had to be created?
Is the planet earth a lab for an experiment ?

Or it has been moved to its current orbit for survival reasons? "If correctly calculated, in every instant a great cosmic event could hit the planet earth” is the urgent orbit an ideal strategy for survival as only in the current orbit not cosmic quakes/hits would take place ? i think that this idea is not probable. lets assume that any orbit would be dangerous.

Is then the reason of the orbit of the earth planet to be as it is now, outside of an orbital accident , to protect it from any cosmic quake or hit, with a third field/shield created by the artificial moon ?

The following information suggests that there is a hidden planet in our sun system, the original planet of the human race or actually the planet where the human race come from or have seeded from into the earth lab.

Why would that have been done? by whom ?

The hidden planet has an orbit and it is invisible for most human kind, it is the planet of the 9th day of creation, that one of the gods and goddesses in prime self union, of the mystics and magic beasts, of the arlequins and the travelers, it is a planet created by the primes.

Is the hidden planet, the 9th planet self generated through own inner vortex, and consciously traveling with the sun, and covered with a kind of matter / substance unperceivable by human kind and its techno instruments?

The 9th restructuration of time, would create an impact in science. It means to inner stand the value and importance of the figures, digits, outcome of any scientific calculation.

As for nature of all that is, is and has been perfect, in the planet 9th, all calculations of science are perfect as 9.

The variation between those and that ones of the earth planet current orbit will be understood when the time frequency 60minx60sec=1hour will be replaced by the real unit of time 9th.

What is the real time unit ?

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