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The end of the VW Beetle

According to this article, the Beetle won't be built any more in Mexico. It's had a great run!
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I bought my first one (second-hand) in Queensland in Protected content , at a time when Beetle drivers used to beep each other on the highway. Three years later, I bought a former Police car in Hamburg, Germany. The sales lot wouldn't let me drive it away in the Police colours - green and white, from memory - and made me paint it all white. It had a crash-gearbox (non-synchromesh), and I damn near dropped the transmission out onto the autobahn while learning how to change gears. Yikes.

That car got me and a travelling companion down to Ankara, where I parked it in the Customs shed while we went backpacking through the Middle East for three months, and then drove it up through Eastern Europe to Moscow and back to London. What an absolute gem of a car. My wife and I (she started off as a travelling companion...) have very happy memories of our time with it. And now - quite literally, and sadly - they don't make them like that any more!

Here's one of my reports from our journey:
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Does anybody else have fond memories to share?

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