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The final solution to the Palestinian problem?


The following extract is from a blog by one Arthur Silber, a Jewish writer brave enough to tell the world exactly what is happening in Palestine. and what he thinks of it The link is at Protected content and the whole post is well worth reading. It's only Protected content , and his passion is almost tangible.

"The general pattern described above, and more particularly the devastation visited on Gaza, remind me of an especially harrowing sequence from a fine film, Hud. The story concerns a cattle rancher and his family. It is discovered that some of the cattle have contracted hoof and mouth disease. To prevent the spread of the disease, and because he can think of no other means to control it, the head of the family decides that all the cattle must be destroyed.

"A large pit is dug, deep enough to prevent the cattle from getting out. The cattle are driven into the pit, with all means of escape closed off. The men stand around the edges of the pit, and they lift their rifles. They begin to shoot -- and they shoot, and shoot, and shoot, and shoot.

"Finally, after endless, terrifying minutes, all the cattle are dead.

"Cattle, the inhabitants of Gaza ... what's the difference? They're all animals and subhumans, diseased or possibly diseased, incapable of being saved, beyond redemption. Kill them all."

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