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The French Job: Specialists wanted...

... for the job of their lifetime. Apply now, every second counts!

This is what it's about:

In June Protected content , diver Sébastien Murat will attempt to break the world record by diving Protected content without oxygen – the deepest free dive ever.

Maurice Lacroix will be there to support Sébastien as he carries out his attempt. The luxury brand’s latest model the “Pontos S” will be tested under extreme conditions.

We are on the hunt for the perfect candidates to build a team that will support us in “THE FRENCH JOB”. Job vacancies to fill are:

- Blogger English/German/Russian/Chinese
- Video Blogger
- Wordpress Expert
- Personal Assistant
- Pool boy

The Job of a lifetime awaits you at the Côte d´Azur....

You will:

• Be part of an international team that will support Sébastien when he dives 214m without oxygen, hoping to gain a place in the world renowned Guiness Book of records.
• Be the envy of all your friends and family. Updating them daily through the Maurice Lacroix website on your experience of your glamorous life on the Côte d´Azur.
• Swap your pokey bedsit for a luxury Villa in the south of France
• Experience the most fun you ever had from a job

You are:

• Able to take two weeks off in June
• Adventurous, are not scared of flying and above the age of 20
• Aware that we don’t mean the local sports club when we talk about social networks
• A social butterfly and know many people that will support you to get the dream job you always wanted
• Fun-loving- because although you leave the diving to Sébastien you are not scared of water.

The rewards:

• The “It-piece” of the season – the new Maurice Lacroix Pontos S is all yours
• You will know the tricks when attempting to break a world record yourself
• Eating Chinese with sticks, drinking Russian vodka or understanding British sense of humour – you will get to experience different nationalities and live with them under one roof.
• Your CV is up to scratch – you worked for an international luxury brand
• You have the time of your life – something money can’t buy

Apply now - every second counts!

THE FRENCH JOB by Maurice Lacroix, Protected content
Applications close on 20th May

P.S: As expected we are also on facebook – come and find us Protected content

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