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the Globe Race 2011 - a race around the globe with 100% renewable energy - NEEDS YOU

Hello People, "the Globe Race Protected content is a race around the globe with boats powered by 100% renewable energy. Currently one boat is running biodiesel fuel (already built and reached the world record of 60 days and 19 hours). The second boat is yet to be built but the project will be a boat powered by hydrogen/solar power.

There are many applications for industries involved but the main goal is to demonstrate the world that current technology enables this goal to be reached. but we NEED YOU.

We are seeking help both financial and technical from people working with companies like Shell Hydrogen, BP Hydrogen, Eni, Edison, E-On, Sorgenia Car manufacturers like Mercedes, Toyota, BMW, Fiat, Nissan already have a long experience in dealing with hydrogen related issues.

We also need some financial support for the entire project which involves a high money expenditure.

So if you like the subject and would like to see in the near future boats running only on clean energy not making noice neither pollution, please come and help.

If you think you have the talent to manage another boat running on another different technology (compressed air perhaps?) come and race with/against us.

The first boat if from New Zealand, the second boat is from Italy. How about a third boat from United States or China or Russia?

The goal is to help each other and race, not just to win.

So please contact Protected content for any communication and spread the word.

Andrea Serpieri
theGloobeRace Project Manager

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