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The Happy Party

looking for traction, ideas welcomed....

if 73% of people vote, that means 27% dont, if they voted for the happy party, which cordinates thru the beach party and the street party, it might appeal to the 27% and with half of that vote could make big noise?

manifesto needs putting together but i am happy to open source it.


for example. on the manifesto

education ~ since the average in UK at 15 is two grade 5 GCSES, we suggest the kids play football til 13 at football camps and then cram for two years to achieve the same grades.

drugs for over 18s should be legalised, to cut the cost and crime of the unintended or other consequence of them being illegal. we believe in freedom so people shoudl be able to choose. if they break the law, they should be penalised

prisons ~ dont seem to work so a radical alternative shoud be created. like work. a realtive never had time at 16 for crime, he was too busy as an apprentice, but welcomed his pint at the end of the day before quietly falling asleep

health ~ get kids to walk the last Protected content to school each day. patrol the streets with seniors and unemployed people to keep them safe from trouble
provide a level of care for all. optionals cost more and should be provided in other ways. there is a limit to spending, sadly people do not understand. remedy this wit financial training for all. show how cash flows, for health, in a home budget, in a national budget. suggest people think once more in a balanced budget at home

cancel unemployment, by putting people on benefits to work for those benefits in their community, creating happiness according to their passion

travel ~ think before you travel

surfing ~ should be encouraged. make surfing available for all at ridiculously affordable prices

eLearning, everyone has a mentor and a learning plan. mentors and mentees are connected by skype. as often as needed. language tutors work thru skype. khan academy and more.

politicians over 40 should be promoted into the elders. young people should step up to fill the vacuum, mentored by the elders. i have a working example of revitalisation of a town in this format.

25% of young people should not be un-employed. many could become artists or entrepreneurs, and it should be seen as a job. with rules of employment. many more could become carers and coaches.

food. grow local eat local. abandon ideas like shipping all britains potatoes for export and then importing the same quantity.
food. provide incentives to eat well, education to eat well, and penalities for not following the rules, ie, pay your own health costs outside of state insurance

marriage licence. should be extended to parenting licence. those with a licence and training get benefits. better food, better healthcare, better education for their kids. those who choose not to, dont get the increased benefits.

cars. in cities should be silent and electric. and in towns. powered by plugging into the grid, and not from petrol tankers etc.. start with all taxis and buses. provide benefits for people who use public transport, and provide a fantastic service.

one world. one tax system. money goes to a central pot and is distributed to each city as a business unit based on the local business case. all cities are treated equally.

united nations unites nations

commonwealth focuses on common wealth

have a great day, wherever and whatever you do,

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