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THE Holiday Destination 2008!

As we are getting closer to Protected content are my thoughts what to do in that year holidaywise. I believe internations has all the ingredients to be the perfect place to discuss the above and get great ideas from all of you around the globe. Some guidelines though - in the end its me who's looking for new and exciting holiday destination ;)
- It is a wam place
- It offers a beach and water or something similar
- it is a recreational holiday, ie no back packing or mountain climbing (I am just not looking for that right now but have done plenty before)
- it is not a cheap mass tourism place or in other words it is sophisticated to a certain degree
- it attracts an international, young professional crowd (in a wider sense)
- the above does not mean there is only partying with champagne bottles a la st tropez but it should be a bit of an upmarket place for young people
- it offers at least a reasonable amount of quality nightlife, ie beyond a pub
- it does not necessarily have to be a new place but "innovations" are always welcome
- it can be any place around the world but it should be worthwhile going there for a week from Europe - though this is not a ko criteria. This is what I am looking for but places that meet all the above criteria but not this last one are still welcome in this forum. In the end this should be of interest to non Europeans as well!
I think that's it. Obviously you can now comment on whether you agree with my criteria or not but I and probably anyone else interested in finding that destination will be more appreciative of actual recommendations.
Let's have a stimulating discussion on what is the most exciting place to go next year!

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