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The immigration drama


I am horrified by the recent images of people drowned or dead in Austria or the Mediterranean. Little babies and pregnant women included. The stupid idea of building a fence in Hungary make me sick.

There were thousands of billions of euros for banks, but only one billion for immigration policies.
Our governments prefer to save white collar millionaires more than thousand of people escaping from death and chaos.

We need now to enhance the image of heroic Latinamerican presidents that saved thousands of starving and frighten European people during the XX century, those running from the craziness of Nazism and Fascism.
They could be an example for today European political elite.

We have to do something!
At least donate to ACNUR
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Or better, try to include the topic of immigration in the elections and remember the politicians that we have to be more human with those in need, and we need to act now!

I am a lucky immigrant, but can't just do nothing when the horror is only some miles from where I live.

This is not a temporary crisis, this may change Europe in the coming years forever!
If you feel there is just a little you can do, read the following thank you note:
"Thank you to the man who gave me 20p in the car park at West Middlesex Hospital last Tuesday morning when I found myself short for parking.
Thanks to you I was able to see my father alive for the last time. He died that afternoon."

Think. Feel. Act.


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