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The International School Experience: TCKs vs Expat Brats

Growing up I spent the majority of my education at various international schools. Recently a British Expat Couple asked my advice regarding international schools and whether they should send their children to one.

The couple have mixed views;

-The father thinks it would a be unique opportunity for their children to learn in a culturally diverse environment and develop into educated, cosmipolitan TCKs (Third Culture Kids)

-The mother however feels that going to an international school will make their children more segregated and over-priviliged. Thus turning them into spoilt, elitist Expat Brats.

I can see both sides of their arguement, and have observed both types of charactersitics in my classmates and myself, to different degrees depending on the specific international school.

I am now curious to hear especially from people who went to international schools and expat parents with children in international schools what their thoughts on the subject are.

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