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The Investment Route into Singapore

Being in the business and investment development sector, I come across many who have asked what is the most relevant way to base out of Singapore as a permanent resident.

There traditionally exists the professional qualifications and talent space. There are about 1,000,000 foreign qualified individuals here. However of late, the immigration law has been tightened.

Post crisis, the people in Singapore feels restricted in their choices of work and also prices are sensitive issues. So the government is backing on productivity-led growth.

However, two special schemes remain in place for immigration into the island.

There are the GIP and FIS schemes. Which essentially welcomes the entrepreneur who will base his company out of the country. Or the financial investor who will contribute capital into private equity funds that are already pre-qualified by the authorities. These are means to encourage value and employment generating individuals into the country.

By the way, in case there is a question why Singapore, the country boasts the lowest tax rates (personal), stands out as the cleanest and one of the most competitive economies in the world. With excellent medical, educational and banking facilities, it has been the choice of many renowned personalities in finance, real estate and the arts. You may have a look at the country from the immigration perspective here at Protected content

Hope this helps those who have asked about the opportunities here.

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