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The Language Exchange Club

I would like to invite everyone, and to encourage expats living in our communities to help and participate in the Language Exchange Club
Invest a little time helping others learn your native languages and build friendship for life.
Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Germany, Serbia, France, and Slovakia
Kyiv (Ning & FB, also CS & VK)
Lviv (FB & VK & CS)
Donetsk (FB & VK)
Kharkiv (FB)
Zaporizhzhya (VK)
Krakow (FB & CS)
Poznan (FB & CS)
Wroclaw (FB & CS)
Gdansk (CS)
Barcelona (FB)
Valencia (FB & CS)
Leipzig (FB & LEC-le)
Belgrade (CS & FB)
Lille (FB)
Bratislava (FB)
FB = Facebook ; CS = Couchsurfing ; VK = Vkontakte
The Language Exchange Club is working actively to create partnerships as well as promote similar groups in cities across Europe. Please write to infodesk.lec[at] for more information, suggestions or comments: we'd very much like to hear from you!

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