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The neglected face of Haiti's independence

After years of slavery, an island rebels and decides to take control of its destiny.
An island that was a mine of resources for these colonizers. An island that thrived through commercial trade: vegetables, spices, gold and slaves.
The race was interrupted by a group of people without real military training and won a battle against one of the strongest armies of the moment (French Army).
Delà gave birth to the independence of our island which will become Haiti (Kiskeya).
Several events have occurred to lead to this feat which is our independence as "the Caiman wood ceremony" a ceremony of connection, a ceremony of love of this ceremony was born the force necessary to go forward and win the war . What we have all forgotten is that the center of our victory, the strength of our independence is the "Voodoo".
It was the Voodoo that allowed us to unite to speak the same language and act in the same way. Our victory blinded us and after this glorious independence we made the necessary by building forts all over the country but the colonizers did not return with warships to continue the battle, no, they came back with a cross and a bible and what had made our strength what had brought us together it was blamed (Voodoo).
Nowadays most Haitians hate Voodoo and miraculously our union has become impossible, to hold our sovereignty is destroyed.
Today we would like to see our economy progress but we have forgotten our strength, the thing that allows us to unite which is the Haitian love (Voodoo).
Let us search for our identity as a people, as black and as free men.
To rebuild our economy, to regain our love of the terroir and rebuild our
"Pearl of the West Indies"

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