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The Networker

Dear All,

In this amazing profession we call network marketing, to be successful, you have to have a dream that is matched by a powerful drive to succeed. You must be driven. Its a simple fact of life for any professional networker. And a networker is proudly unlike any other breed of people.

The networker was once a doctor, a plumber, a taxi driver, a lawyer, a businessman, a nurse. Nationality, education, gender, socio-economic factors - none of it matters. Why? Because despite the differences between each of the 65 million networkers around the world, who make up this fine global profession, each one is driven to get more out of life.

They are driven to rise above. Driven to perform beyond anyone's expectations. Driven to achieve more. In short, a networker is characterized by their drive.

You know what? If you are a networker, then you are always DRIVEN!!
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