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The new American economical strategy

Guys,with all what you are seing in the news, let me tell you that this isn't the end of the American empire like many people think.
By far its not the end, in fact its the beginning of a new economical era and strategy. The Americans are just showing what’s their power if they experience a huge economical crisis such as this one.
Imagine if this crisis would ve happened in Europe? certainly it would ve simply put the European economy on its knees.
Let me just tell you guys that what the Americans are doing is just a smart maneuver that is enabling them to make others come and invest in their land, such as Barcley's bank, Chinese banks, ect, so that’s' how the Americans will control a part of their competitors economies in a mid-long term from now, by attracting them to the dow jones and making them put their funds there.

The Fed has injected huge money in AIG and other companies, that means that those companies are today state owned companies, which means more secured since they are backed up by Washington, so this automatically will generate a positive reactions of NYSE cause in one hand markets today are very sensitive to news,so it will make , people buy shares of state owned companies since they mean security, so this will generate more ask than bid in the stock exchange, which automatically will give a positive speculation which will raise the stocks values and rebuild financial health to the companies, rebuild more trust in investors’ minds, and more stability in the NY stock market, so the American micro economy will go positive at least on a short time basis, enough to attract investors from the rest of the world as they are successfully doing, then from that cash regenerate new policies on the real estate loan products so reboots it again since it remains forever their first market weight, and even putting interests rates higher to generate more money faster.
American economists are smarter than what you all guys think, and that’s why it’s the first world economy, and will remain so for very very long.
You are simply experiencing the real American power.

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